With his roots in the Industrial and Synth-Pop of the early 90's, Andreas Schmehl aka Dr. Schmidt was soon infected by the Techno-Virus and by UK BreakBeats only a few years later. From 1997 on he foolowed his love for electronic rhythms as a DJ and from 2002 on also as a producer. In 2003 he started the project Maschinen Musik, to finally bring together his main influences, Industrial, Techno and BreakBeat under one sound.

• Volt: auf "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 2" CD-Compilation (Dangerous Drums)
• Borg EP (Maschinen Musik)
• Machine Music (Maschinen Musik)
• Styx: auf "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 3" CD-Compilation (Dangerous Drums)
• Lessons in Logic (Maschinen Musik)
• Steel Mill/Subkutan (Maschinen Musik)
• Many Machines (mit Circuit Breaker / Maschinen Musik)
• The Raid (Maschinen Musik)
• Resonator (Maschinen Musik)
• The Engines of God/Quellcrist (Maschinen Musik)
• They're Here/Warning/Flesh (Maschinen Musik)
• Adrenochrome/Tremor Hall (Maschinen Musik) • Brave New World (Maschinen Musik)
• Salvation MAchine (Maschinen Musik)

Like for many other contemporary musicians everything began for Nika Farra aka Solar Chrome with an Amiga500. What first just started as a hobby, later became an essential part of her life. Years of DJing took her on a journey through various styles of electronic music before finally everything boiled down to her actual preference for Downbeat and synthetic sounds. Wandering the twilights between spacy chillout tunes and deep ellectro cuts, her music is following this undistinguishable line that makes it special – Welcome to the future!

• Flowers In Ocean (on Flooristik 2, Wohnton Musik / CD)
• Flowers In Ocean (on Space Night 9, Elektrolux / 2xCD
• Afraid Of Machines (on Man Vs.Machine – Sequence 1 / DVD)
• Rock With Me & Brazil Air (on IKEA “Lass Die Sonne rein” / CD)
• Boot Cut Rock (album, Wohnton Musik / CD)
• Feelin (on For Films Vol.9, Freibank / CD)
• Kick It Feelin (on Hemisphere, Prominence Recordings / 2xCD)
• Kick It Feelin (on Hemisphere, Prominence Recordings / 2xCD)
• I'm a Machine (Maschinen Musik)
• Nebula (Maschinen Musik)
• The Crushmachine (Maschinen Musik)
• Network City (Maschinen Musik)
• Bionic System (Maschinen Musik)
• Controlled Reality/Cellular Automaton (Maschinen Musik)
• Future Communication/This is Electro (Maschinen Musik)

Actually, Oliver Leuxner aka T.R.O. always wanted to produce techno, but subliminally broken rhythms always found their way into his ears, be it oldschool Breakbeats, Big Beat, Electro or 2Step. When in 2000, on the third floor of a techno club, he got into touch with NuSkool Breaks for the first time, his further musical direction was predetermined. Besides numerous collaborations, T.R.O. nowadays works to realize his vision of breakbeat – his mission that won’t be stopped, not even by musicology.

• Rec (on "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 3", Dangerous Drums)
• Sparring (on "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 3", Dangerous Drums)
• Turingmachine (Maschinen Musik)
• Tekknologic (Maschinen Musik)
• Message (Maschinen Musik)
• Steampunk/Phasejump (Maschinen Musik)

Electronic Confessions
The emergence of affordable hardware samplers in the mid 90s gave Dennis Richter the final kick to start his quest for his very own sound. Out of his fascination for various styles of electronic music his preference for movie scores and all kinds of breakbeat-based music crystallized. Since then he strives to bring these two worlds together to create a cinematic and futuristic atmosphere in his tracks.

• Daughter Of Consciousness (as Insektoid, Mikrolux)
• The Red Entry (Man vs. Machine)
• Wrong Tunnel Interpretations (Maschinen Musik)
• Time Morphs/Lia (Maschinen Musik)